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High School Tutoring Programs

High school support is challenging for families. Often parents and guardians have difficulty recalling their high school academic content in the areas of mathematics, sciences, and languages. In our experience, students often have a difficult time engaging with parents or guardians for high school academic support and homework time becomes a stressful, frustrating nightly household routine. With post-secondary education becoming increasingly competitive, let us provide you with an exceptional program that will exceed your quality and service expectations to produce results.

Why choose Scholars for high school tutoring?

  • Each student is taught by a certified teacher or a qualified mentor.
  • Students receive subject specific support related to their course curriculum.
  • We provide regular parent/guardian meetings to discuss progress, goals, and next steps.
  • Our certified teachers and qualified mentors, who are often provincially certified teachers work directly with students at individual tables to coach students during their tutoring sessions in a low student to teacher ratio.
  • We offer tutoring programs that fill in skill gaps and homework help.

We can help reduce stress and frustration from school and homework while helping students increase grades. Want to see if Scholars is the right fit for your family? Contact a Scholars near you to request more information or to book a trial hour.

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Grade 9-12 Tutoring Programs

The Scholars high school tutoring program focuses on the following subject areas:

English Tutoring

  • Grade 9 English Tutoring
  • Grade 10 English Tutoring
  • Grade 11 English Tutoring
  • Grade 12 English Tutoring

Additional Tutoring

If you see a subject that is not listed above, we are confident that we have a certified teacher or qualified mentor that is qualified to cover the subject.

What sets Scholars high school tutoring programs apart:

  • Starting with a free consultation, we make sure our learning environment is the right fit for your child.
  • We only work with certified teachers or qualified mentors so students are provided with high-quality instruction.
  • Our teachers provide support for quizzes, assignments, general concept review, test preparation, and final exam preparation. In addition, we support each student with time management skills, note organization techniques, and helpful study tips!
  • If requested, we can contact your child’s classroom teacher to work in conjunction with the teacher’s course syllabus and better plan for upcoming quizzes, assignments, and tests.
  • Each student is taught in an environment with a low student to teacher ratio.

Earn High School Credits

The High School Credit Facilitation program is designed for students who require high school credits to either complete Grade 12 or as a prerequisite to enrol in a post-secondary institution. Scholars has partnered with the ILC (Independent Learning Centre) to provide a high quality program for students. The ILC is Ontario’s designated provider for high school distance education and the Scholars High School Credit Facilitation Program works in conjunction with the ILC.

Classroom settings are not for everyone and it is difficult to independently stay on track for coursework while managing employment, a family, and daily commitments. Scholars Education offers students small, comfortable classes and support from qualified teachers so that they can complete their courses with confidence and guidance. Our team of mentors are trained to go beyond the call of simply tutoring. Our mentors focus on providing quality instruction, goal setting to keep each student on track for completion, and producing results.

Scholars provides support and guidance to students in identifying the credits they require to achieve their goals, outlining a plan to achieve the goals, registering their courses with the ILC, and providing a structured plan required to complete their courses. Contact your local Scholars Education today for additional program information and a consultation!

Start improving your child’s skills today!

Contact us today to request more information, schedule an assessment, or book a trial hour!

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Testimonials From Real Parents

“My son feels very supported there and utilizes the staff as an extra academic resource. Excellent staff and programs!”

Teri J.Parent

“My expectations were exceeded! I knew my son was more than capable, but the teacher helped to bring forward his potential.”

Kimberly J.Parent

“My daughter has been going to Scholars for the past 3 years and she loves it. Her confidence level and quality of work have improved tremendously.”

Puneet K.Parent