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Study Skills Help Tutoring Programs

Developing effective study skills is challenging. Does your child feel frustrated or overwhelmed when it comes to studying or completing homework? Are you, as a parent or guardian, feeling stressed when you see their frustration and do not know how to help? Our study skills program is developed by certified teachers to address the needs of students that have the talent to excel academically, but need support with organization and building confidence.

Scholars Education will help develop the skills needed to reach true academic potential and eliminate frustration.

The Scholars study skills program will help students:

  • Develop test-taking strategies to minimize anxiety before exams and tests.
  • Manage time and create a study schedule for your learning pace.
  • Learn memorization techniques.
  • Creating the perfect study environment to maximize focus and success.
  • Integrating effective breaks during study sessions.
  • Utilizing effective note-taking strategies to enhance studying.
  • Becoming proactive in studying.  Learn how to make up practice tests by creating your own tests using multiple choice, true/false and short answer test questions. Look back to previous tests to help you determine what type of questions and information your teacher generally includes.

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