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Learn from home with Scholars online tutoring.

Scholars Online Classroom offers convenient, flexible, and interactive online tutoring whenever it fits your schedule. No extra equipment or special software required—all your child needs is a computer or tablet with a webcam.

No Special Software Required

Flexible Scheduling

No Enrollment Contracts

How The Program Works

The Scholars Online Classroom recreates the in-person learning experience from the comfort of your home. Our qualified tutors will mentor your child with an individually customized program based on their level of understanding and the Canadian provincial curriculum.


We’ll send you a link to your child’s classroom in the Scholars Online Classroom. Simply click the link, enter your child’s name, turn on your webcam, and you’re ready!


Your child’s teacher will have all their activities ready for that day’s class. Your child will see their tutor and activity pages on the screen and be able to easily write or draw on the pages—just like they would in person.


Once their class is over, simply close the browser window and you’re all good to go!

The Scholars Online Classroom offers all the tools needed for an engaging, successful class, including a digital whiteboard for brainstorming, notes section for recording important points, and chat tool for additional communication with your child’s tutor. From teaching your child to keeping you up to date on their progress, we do it all from the Scholars Online Classroom.

Available Online Tutoring Programs

The Scholars Online Classroom covers all subjects from Kindergarten to Grade 12 customized for your child including math, English, science, calculus, advanced functions, physics, chemistry, biology, French, and more! We are excited to offer the following programs for our Scholars Online Classroom tutoring program:

Flexible Online Tutoring

Providing stability and reassurance while continuing your child’s learning.

Why Choose Scholars Online Tutoring Services

Our expert-developed curriculum is customized to each student to ensure your child’s individual needs are met. With your permission, your child’s tutor can also work with their teacher to ensure your child is keeping up with tests, assignments, and homework.

Parent Check-In

Every 12 hours of tutoring sessions, your child’s tutor will meet with you to discuss their progress.


Each tutoring program offers new and exciting challenges for your child to help get ahead on classwork and reach their full potential.

Homework Help

Your child’s tutor will work through tough homework or assignments so your child doesn’t fall behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tutoring cost?

Scholars charges an hourly rate so you pay per class with no need to purchase a package or anything. Hourly rates differ from centre to centre, so contact your location to learn more!

Is there a class schedule?

There is no set schedule for our classes, we schedule them based on your availability. The number of classes is also flexible but we recommend two classes per week to see the results.

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