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Reading Tutoring Program

Reading tutoring can be a challenge for families. Is bedtime and homework reading time chaotic, stressful and frustrating? Is your child losing confidence when reading, guessing at words and having difficulty with sounding out new words? If your family is experiencing these symptoms, contact us today so we can assess how we can help.

Why choose Scholars for reading tutoring.

  • The Scholars reading program is individualized for each student using standardized Canadian assessments to determine a student’s areas of strength and weakness. Based on the assessment results, each student receives an individualized, unique reading program.
  • In the Scholars reading program, students focus on vocabulary (spelling, sight vocabulary, and vocabulary development), phonics (if applicable for the student), and reading comprehension skills.
  • Our reading program tutoring staff consists of certified teachers that specialize in the area of English.
  • If requested, we can contact your child’s classroom teacher to work in conjunction with the teacher’s objectives, concepts being taught, tests, and assignments.
  • Each student is taught in an environment with a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Our team utilizes a reward-based system that keeps students engaged and motivated while developing their ability to complete assignments, manage their time, and develop a sense of pride.

We provide reading tutoring services in the comfort of your home or in our Centre – the choice is yours! Contact us today to take advantage of a free reading assessment, with no obligation to enroll or sign up!

Contact us today for more information on our reading tutoring programs!

We can start you off with a free assessment or trial hour with no obligation to enrol.

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