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After-School Help Tutoring Programs

We listen to your family’s unique needs and help to determine the best after-school tutoring plan to reduce stress after work and after school to free up valuable family time.

Scholars after-school tutoring includes:

  • Certified teachers or qualified mentors.
  • Flexible scheduling. At Scholars, there’s no first-come, first-serve scenarios—we do our best to accommodate your family’s schedule.
  • Regular parent/guardian meetings to discuss progress, goals, and next steps.
  • Study skills to help your child develop the strategies needed for future homework success.

We offer after-school tutoring programs for high school students seeking specific subject help. Physics, Calculus, English, French, and more—whatever the subject, we can teach it! For additional information on our high school programming, visit our high school tutoring program page.

Elementary level students (grades 1 to 8) can often fall behind in their current grade level because they have learning gaps that have accumulated from previous grades which makes it difficult to learn new or current academic material. Our custom program can support your child with the demands of their current grade while also filling in learning gaps from previous years. We start each student with an assessment and develop a custom program to meet the needs of the student. For a list of our specific elementary level programs, visit our grade 1 to 8 tutoring programs page

Start improving your child’s skills today!

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