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STEM Education – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The world is rapidly changing, placing more of an emphasis on information and technology every day. There is a growing need for students to have a strong foundation in technology, math, and science to be successful in and outside of the classroom. STEM education allows students to connect with the evolving world around them, facilitating a better understanding of tomorrow. 

At Scholars, we want to excite and prepare children for our technical world. That’s why we are putting a strong emphasis on STEM programs and methodically rolling out best in class solutions that will accelerate your child’s learning and understanding. STEM teaches foundational, transferable skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork to help students succeed in both real life and traditional learning environments.

Scholars + LEGO Education – A Great Combination

Scholars has partnered with LEGO Education to launch STEM for children from grades K-12.  Each STEM lesson is a well thought out, age appropriate project.  LEGO pieces, robots, and apps allow children to combine new technology with tangible elements to learn through a hands-on and creative approach.

Learn more about the benefits of STEM for your child, or contact your nearest Scholars location today for more information.

The Program

Scholars helps new readers build skills by providing:

  • Customized lessons for individual student interests
  • Personalized attention from certified teachers or STEM mentors for the entire session
  • A focus on age appropriate STEM sessions, tailored to a student’s current understanding
  • Hands-on activities and app based learning
  • Regular meetings with parents or guardians to discuss progress and next steps

Flexible Solutions That Suits Your Needs

Our certified teachers and qualified mentors are here to provide your child the hands-on learning they need to gain confidence, inside and out of the classroom.

Certified teachers and qualified mentors

No long-term commitment

Flexible scheduling options

Hands-on learning

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Testimonials From Parents

“My son feels very supported there and utilizes the staff as an extra academic resource. Excellent staff and programs!”

Teri J.Parent

“My expectations were exceeded! I knew my son was more than capable, but the teacher helped to bring forward his potential.”

Kimberly J.Parent

“My daughter has been going to Scholars for the past 3 years and she loves it. Her confidence level and quality of work have improved tremendously.”

Puneet K.Parent