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STEM Help Tutoring Programs

Scholars STEM program, in partnership with Robot Playtime, teaches computer science programming and robotics while fostering students’ creativity and imagination. The STEM program provides students the opportunity to develop the technology skills—coding, engineering design, experimentation, and other types of applied mathematics and science—necessary for solving real-world problems.

Robotics learning

Level 1: Introduction to Robotics

Students will learn how to build and code a robot capable of expressing personality, showing off dance moves, and retrieving items. They will exercise logical thinking using variables, loops, and specific conditions.

Level 2: Autonomous Robots

Students will solve real-world problems by building smart robots that work without human intervention. The course will introduce the use of touch, colour, and ultrasonic sensors to enable the robots to traverse a challenging maze.

STEM learning

Level 3: Engineering Design (Building a Sumo Robot!)

Students will apply creativity and engineering design principles to create an autonomous robot that is able to interact with other robots in an arena. The course challenges students to problem solve, formulate hypotheses, experiment, and prototype using the engineering design process.

Level 4: Circuits & Electronics

Students will learn how to wire circuits to LEDs, power sensors, and activate actuators. In building robots, students will work with voice commands and be introduced to syntax-based programming (Lua).

See Pixel in action!

Pixel is designed by RobotPlaytime and is the platform Scholars tutors use to teach STEM. Pixel transforms smart software into programmable robots for students to learn robotics and computer science!

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