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Writing Help Tutoring Programs

Are you frustrated with your child’s penmanship? Do you notice frequent grammatical and spelling mistakes in their writing? Has their classroom teacher expressed difficulty with expressing their thoughts in effective detail? Our writing tutoring program is developed by certified teachers to specifically address writing and language mechanic deficiencies for students in the elementary grades.

The Scholars writing program is individualized for each student using standardized Canadian assessments to determine a student’s areas of strength and weakness. Based on the assessment results, each student receives an individualized writing tutoring program. Our writing tutoring program focuses on the following areas:

Included in Scholars writing tutoring program:

  • Language mechanics (punctuation and capitalization).
  • Language expression (grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph analysis).
  • Paragraph, essay writing, and much more!
  • If requested, we can contact your child’s classroom teacher to work in conjunction with the teacher’s objectives, concepts being taught, tests, and assignments.
  • Each student is taught by a certified teacher in an environment with a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Our team utilizes a reward-based system that keeps students engaged and motivated while developing their ability to complete assignments, manage their time, and develop a sense of pride.

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We can start you off with an assessment or trial hour with no obligation to enroll.

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