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Ignite Early Literacy and Learning in Young Minds.

At Scholars Education, we understand that young children are natural inquisitors, always curious about the world around them. That’s why our preschool tutoring programs are designed to foster a love for learning, empowering children to discover answers on their own while developing essential reading skills in a creative and enjoyable environment. Early childhood education is challenging. Sight vocabulary, building reading fluency, counting, alphabetization, phonics, oral reading comprehension, printing—the list goes on! As a parent or guardian, where do you start and what is the best way to tackle the learning process for young learners? Is your child ahead or behind—how do you benchmark where they need to be?

At Scholars, our team of certified teachers and qualified writers developed a specialized program that relieves the stress of early childhood education. Our Pre-K to Kindergarten tutoring program—Reading Readiness— is a multi-faceted and multi-sensory learning program designed specifically for students between the ages of three and six.

Laying the Building Blocks for Reading Excellence.

Our tailored tutoring programs for preschool-aged children set the stage for their future learning success. Between the ages of 3 to 6, kids are highly receptive to absorbing new knowledge, making it the perfect time to nurture their reading and listening abilities. Almost every activity during these formative years contributes to their emerging reading and learning skills. From engaging read-aloud sessions to interactive play, writing exercises, and crafts, our program ensures that children are well-prepared to enter school with confidence.

Imagine the Joy of Watching Your Preschooler Read!

Reading comprehension and understanding are pivotal skills that significantly impact a child’s academic journey. A strong foundation in reading during the preschool years can even predict academic success in high school. With  Scholars’ renowned pre-school tutoring program, your child will get a head start in becoming a proficient reader.

Pre-K to Kindergarten Tutoring

Develop a lifelong love for reading in your preschooler with our Pre-K to Kindergarten Tutoring program, featuring:

  • Small class sizes, with no more than 6 students, ensuring personalized attention.
  • Phonics-based instruction, a proven approach to enhance reading proficiency.
  • Two classes per week minimum to ensure consistent progress.
  • Fun crafts and engaging activities to keep learning enjoyable.
  • Adherence with provincial policies and guidelines, ensuring that our early education programs for preschool-aged children are delivered with utmost care and excellence.

With our Reading Readiness program, you can lay a solid foundation in reading that will serve your child well throughout their educational journey.

Invest in your child’s future with Scholars today!

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