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Pre-K & Kindergarten Tutoring Programs

Early childhood education is challenging. Sight vocabulary, building reading fluency, counting, alphabetization, phonics, oral reading comprehension, printing—the list goes on! As a parent or guardian, where do you start and what is the best way to tackle the learning process for young learners? Is your child ahead or behind—how do you benchmark where they need to be?

At Scholars, our team of certified teachers and qualified mentors developed a specialized program that relieves the stress of early childhood education. Our Pre-K to Kindergarten tutoring program—Reading Readiness— is a multi-faceted and multi-sensory learning program designed specifically for students between the ages of three and six.

Our program includes the following subject and tutoring strands:

  • Phonics
  • Sight vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Oral reading comprehension
  • Reading fluency
  • Introduction to mathematics
  • Printing

Start improving your child’s skills today!

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