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Working with thousands of families and communities to deliver results.

For two decades, Scholars Education has been providing a premiere education experience for families and local communities. We have had the opportunity to successfully work with thousands of families and communities in delivering results that matter with individualized tutoring programs.

At Scholars we understand the frustrations and stress families are faced with when it comes to education and we are able to provide a structured system to overcome these challenges. We provide an environment that fosters lifelong learning, builds confidence, and—most importantly—produces results that matter for families.

The Scholars philosophy goes beyond the scope of tutoring alone. We believe that our team of qualified teachers and mentors are more effective than one tutor in providing long-term mentorship for students and their families.

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Tutoring Programs for All Subjects

Math Tutoring

Our math program is developed and overseen by the Scholars Advisory Board and created to meet and exceed provincial standards.

Our programs include:

Science Tutoring

Scholars works to pair students with tutors who best suit their individual needs and learning styles when it comes to science tutoring.

Our programs include:

English and Language Tutoring

Our team of certified teachers and qualified mentors assist in reading comprehension, writing fluency, English literature, grammar, essay writing, and more!

Our programs include:

Testing and Study Skill Tutoring

Our Study Skills program aims to help address the needs of students that have the talent to excel academically but need support and help building confidence.

Our programs include:

Learning for Success in Life

Giving students the opportunity to grow and gain confidence outside the classroom.

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Testimonials From Real Parents

“My son feels very supported there and utilizes the staff as an extra academic resource. Excellent staff and programs!”

Teri J.Parent

“My expectations were exceeded! I knew my son was more than capable, but the teacher helped to bring forward his potential.”

Kimberly J.Parent

“My daughter has been going to Scholars for the past 3 years and she loves it. Her confidence level and quality of work have improved tremendously.”

Puneet K.Parent