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Happy February!

February is a big month in the school year calendar. Here is a list of all the milestones this month, and information about how Scholars Education Centre can help you get through them all:

  • Report cards are coming out! The good news is, we’re only halfway through the year. There’s still plenty of time to work with a tutor to catch up, keep up or get ahead.
  • Parent-teacher interviews are this month. Why not take the opportunity to talk to your child’s teacher about how a tutor can support your child’s learning?
  • High school students have wrapped up their first round of exams, and new courses are starting. Is your child taking a challenging subject this semester? Get them ahead of the material by enlisting a tutor’s help.
  • Universities and college early acceptance applications are due this month. If your child needs to upgrade or get their grades in better shape for next year’s application deadline, we can help!

This is a great month to step back and look at how the year is going so far. We can help assess your child’s needs. Find a tutor near you.


Kirk Langford


February 1, 2019