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With 10 months of drop-offs, pick-ups, homework marathons, school events and extracurriculars almost behind you, are you ready to celebrate? Summer can be a welcome break from the stress. Kick it off by starting some last day traditions. We put together the following suggestions:

Recreate their “first day” photo – On the first day of school, you probably took a photo of your little student going off to school. You can recreate the photo for a side-by-side comparison, and see how your child has grown over the year.

Find a last day food – Maybe it’s french fries, pancakes or ice cream—start a last day tradition indulging in one of the family’s favourite foods.

Involve some friends – For 10 months, your child has been with the same friends day after day, week after week. Next year, your child might be with a different set of kids. Commemorate the year that’s passed with a playdate or get-together with these friends, and make sure you get a picture to keep as a memento!

Just relax – What better way to cap off a hectic year than with an evening of total relaxation? Order in, watch a movie, play some games—whatever puts the family in a chill, ready-for-summer mood.

Do you have any traditions? Let us know on the post on our Facebook page.

Looking for something to keep your scholar busy this summer? Our centres will be offering summer learning, and some centres will be offering STEM Robotics programs. Summer learning is a breeze at Scholars. Find your tutor today.