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Today’s a day that all of us here at Scholars can really get behind: Family Literacy Day! Participating in activities that encourage literacy is an important thing to do all year-round, and Family Literacy Day is a chance to spread awareness and encourage families to be literate together.

Here are some of our suggestions on some fun ways to enjoy the power of words together:

Visit your local library. Every family member can pick a book, and when you get home, read every family member’s book together.

Print some song lyrics, and have a sing-along. Reading words quickly and in time to music is so fun, most kids won’t even notice that they’re practicing reading

Play a board game. Pick a board game with a lot of reading such as a trivia or word game.

Have a scavenger hunt. All kids love a scavenger hunt, whether it’s just a hunt for clues inside the house, or a visit to a local park with a list of items to find.

However you choose to celebrate Family Literacy Day, making reading a part of your day will show your children the importance and the magic of words.

Do you feel your child can use some help in improving their literacy or reading skills? Scholars has 24 locations in Ontario and one in Peace River, Alberta. Browse our locations here.


Kirk Langford


January 27, 2019