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Tutoring Markham | Math, Science, English, Writing, Reading, French

When your child struggles in school, it can have a devastating impact on their self-esteem and on their socialization skills. They may feel isolated and powerless to improve. Your family may struggle as well to find a solution to these academic issues. If your child is falling behind in school or if they aren’t sufficiently challenged by their coursework, finding them a qualified tutor can be the answer. Scholars Education Centres (Scholars) tutors in Markham provide the experienced help that your student needs.

Scholars Education Centres in Markham only hire superior members of the educational community who have the expertise and subject knowledge to help your child improve in core courses and more advanced subjects. They help children of all ages, from those in pre-K to those preparing to for university, and they specialize in meeting individual student needs.

Tutoring Markham | Our Mission

Scholars Education Centres in Markham carefully follow a philosophy that promotes communication between their students, their qualified teachers, and parents. They believe that listening to your concerns helps them create an effective, individualized learning plan for your child.

Your child may need help catching up in school or require more of a challenge than their current situation provides. The staff creates an individualized plan based on your child’s specific needs that allows them to quickly improve their academic performance.

Scholars makes communication a key part of your child’s tutoring program. They partner with parents to determine student goals and provide regular reports on the student’s progress. You will know exactly what your child is doing and how they are improving while they receive tutoring.

Certified Teachers

Your child will receive professional instruction by a qualified teacher. Scholars only hires personnel who excel in small group teaching, which allows your child to receive the attention they need to progress. The teachers instruct students at all educational levels, from pre-K to college prep. They also work with your busy schedule and can tutor your child on weeknights and weekends.

Subject Areas

The Scholars Education Centres in Markham provide instruction in all core subject areas and in advanced topics as well.


Reading is the bedrock of all academic subjects, so Scholars uses proven methods to increase your child’s vocabulary and comprehension. They perform standardized Canadian academic assessments to determine the student’s current reading level and then use the results to create an individualized plan for them. When indicated, the tutor will also employ phonics instruction.


The Scholars Education Centre writing program focuses on teaching mechanics, sentence structure, and essay writing, allowing your child to be more successful in all of their academic endeavours.


Canadian students benefit from mastering French. If your child has difficulty in this area, our Markham tutors can help. Each of our centres has French programs appropriate for students of all ages and programs, including French immersion, extended French and Core French. In a matter of weeks, your child can make great strides in learning this language.


Difficulties in math can become more problematic as time goes by, since the skills taught in one year serve as building blocks for the next year. The teachers at Scholars develop a program for your child works in tandem with the local school’s curriculum. Our math tutors in Markham have the knowledge to help with pre-school math skills as well as advanced math topics like algebra and calculus.


Science becomes more difficult as your child progresses through school. Scholars offers expert tutoring in biology and other advanced courses. Older students tend to participate in a number of extracurricular activities. Our science tutors in Markham work with your family to create a schedule that works for your child. They will also accommodate your child if they need extra sessions to prepare for a test or project. Chemistry and physics tutoring is also available.


Helping students master English is one of the South Markham Centre’s priorities. They offer upper-level English tutoring that helps your child succeed in all academic areas. Your child’s tutor can work with their English teacher to better help them with particular assignments. They also strive to enhance your student’s study skills so they can be effective in all their educational pursuits.

After School Help

Scholars offers your child after-school tutoring to fill in educational gaps from previous years and to help with the current year’s subjects. They assess each student and then create an individualized plan for them. No matter what the content area, they can provide expert instruction. Their certified teachers and qualified mentors can turn that time after school into a lifeline for you and your struggling child.

Academic Improvement

Scholars Education Centres provide measurable results. Average student improvement after 40 hours of tutoring is as follows: a 1.59-grade-level increase in reading, a 2.08-grade-level increase in math and a 3.16-grade-level increase in writing.

Your child can make up lost academic ground in a matter of weeks. If your child hasn’t been challenged in school, Scholars tutoring gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential. These improved scores can strengthen your student’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Free Trial

In Markham, Scholars offers a free trial tutoring hour or assessment for your child with no obligation to enroll. Scholars Education Centre wants you to see firsthand how they operate before you sign up.

Finding the right tutoring in the South Markham area can quickly improve your student’s academic performance. Once they feel confident in their studies, their social outlook will improve as well. Scholars teaches your child how to succeed in education and in life. If your student needs help, visit scholarsed.com.

Scholars’ students in Markham see results that matter and improvements in:

  • Confidence: not just in school
  • Learning skills: students develop a passion for learning
  • Homework help and time management
  • And, of course… grades!

We would love to work together to achieve your family’s academic goals. For tutoring services and to start seeing results that matter, contact Scholars to begin with a free assessment ($150 value) or a free trial hour with no obligation to enrol or sign up.

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