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To kick-off the winter season this year, participating Scholars Education Centre locations took part in a magical event, Let’s Build a Snowman. Each student decorated a snowman and, along with the other students at their centre, created a wonderful winter scene.

Here are the top five reasons we love this event.
  1. It gives our students a chance to share how their tutoring experiences have made a difference. Every student writes one thing they learned at Scholars on their snowman. We love to read about the goals the children have accomplished during their time with us.
  2. We are impressed by our scholars’ creativity! Creativity and imagination are an important part of childhood, and an important part of learning.
  3. It fosters a fun spirit of competitiveness. Congratulations to our Scholars Toronto-Danforth location for creating the most magical winter scene of all! A delicious batch of winter-themed cupcakes will arrive at their centre on Monday (December 17) for everyone to enjoy, freshly prepared from Sullivan & Bleeker’s local nut-free bakery.
  4. It fosters a fun spirit of togetherness. Sure, there’s a competition at the heart of it, but Let’s Build a Snowman is ultimately about working together to achieve our best results (sounds a little like tutoring, don’t you think?).
  5. The number one reason we love Let’s Build a Snowman is because—whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher—it is a great reminder of our common goals. We all want our students to learn, and have fun, and be the best they can be. Let’s Build a Snowman gives our scholars a chance to show us what they can do.
Thanks to all those who brought a little magic to the season by participating in Let’s Build a Snowman. Have a look at our participating centres’ magical creations.
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Kirk Langford


December 14, 2018