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There are an endless amount of entertainment options out there for children today. They can choose various TV shows, movies, YouTube channels, video games, apps, toys, board games, and more. One form of screen-free entertainment that can be a fun and educational way to pass some time is podcasts.

Podcasts have increased in popularity with young people in the last few years, with a recent study showing that one in five children aged six to eight reported listening to podcasts, along with 48 percent of children aged 13 to 17 tuning in. Podcasts are also an excellent co-listening option, with 63% of parents in the study reporting that they listened to the podcasts with their children while driving or doing chores around the house. They provide an excellent opportunity for family members to connect and bond over fun topics and information.

In terms of the variety of podcast content children want to hear, some of the more popular topics are stories, science, fact-based non-fiction, animals, and music. In this article, we will list some of the most entertaining and informative podcasts for your child to listen to, which will keep them entertained for hours.

  • Story Pirates
    Story Pirates features performances of stories written by children using professional actors, musicians, and entertainers. These often humorous stories highlight the vivid imaginations of young people and are a great way to motivate children to write their own stories and develop their creative writing skills.
  • Brains On!
    Brains On! is a science-based podcast that both children and adults can enjoy. It has over 100 episodes, each featuring a different topic related to STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). In each episode of this award-winning podcast, a young co-host joins the primary host, Molly Bloom, to explore topics such as “How do birds communicate?”, “Why do we like some foods but not others?”, “Why do we need bugs?”, “How heavy is the sky?”, and many more.  
  • Wow in the World
    Another science-themed podcast, Wow in the World, is a fun and often nutty show packed with comedy, music and exciting information. It features a cast of characters, including the hosts Mindy and Guy, who take listeners on an entertaining journey through the latest science, technology, and innovation news. Brought to you by NPR, it’s an excellent show for children and grown-ups alike. 
  • Circle Round
    Circle Round is a podcast that adapts worldwide folktales and turns them into radio plays. These 20-30-minute stories explore kindness, generosity, patience, and courage. They feature tales from every corner of the earth, including the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Europe, and many more. In these episodes, you’ll also hear familiar voices playing parts, often featuring famous actors and musicians. 
  • Smash Boom Best
    Smash Boom Best is a podcast aimed at starting spirited debates between family members. In each episode, a different panel of debaters takes two things, smashes them together, and lets the listener decide what’s best. Recent episodes have featured matchups such as “Pancakes vs. Waffles”, “Baths vs. Showers”, “Scuba Diving vs. Skydiving”, and “Dogs vs. Cats”. Along with being a funny and entertaining podcast, it will allow your children to work on their debating skills and lead to some fun discussions for the whole family.
  • Peace Out
    The Peace Out podcast aims to help children go to sleep feeling calm and peaceful. Each soothing story focuses on meditation and mindfulness, helping your child slow down their thoughts and fall asleep peacefully. These short episodes are a great way to introduce your children to visualization and breathing exercises and can be an excellent addition to bedtime routines. 

We hope you like these podcast suggestions! No matter what topics, hobbies, or subjects your child is interested in, there is a podcast out there that can help them learn more about them or just be entertained for a while!


The Scholars Team


December 18, 2023