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You may be considering tutoring for your child so he or she can excel at school. Choosing a reputable tutoring service with small group sizes is important, and here’s why.

Your child’s questions will get answered in a small group setting
If your child shows a below-average understanding of a subject, it is worthwhile to invest in small group tutoring. The tutor will be able to answer questions, and accommodate the pace of your child’s learning style better than in a larger group setting. For some students, the classroom setting may be an impediment to asking questions, as the chance to ask for clarification may be lost as the class breezes through a lesson plan.

It’s easier to ask for clarification in small group tutoring
Some children may be too shy to ask their classroom teacher for clarification on the lessons. In small group tutoring, the teacher can properly gauge your child’s learning needs, tailor a lesson plan for them, and allow your child to ask questions in a non-judgmental setting.

Small groups suit all types of learners
Because of the small group setting, it’s easier for the tutor to pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses. By identifying the areas that can be improved, the tutor can provide personalized lesson plans that help your child excel at school. In a classroom setting, a teacher is juggling multiple children with different learning styles, but in small group tutoring, the tutor can follow your child’s lead on how they like to work.

Rarely is it recommended to use tutoring as a quick fix. Rather, you should treat it as an investment into your child’s future opportunities as an adult. Scholars offers tutoring programs at all ages and in all subjects, and always in small groups. Find a tutor near you today.