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Every year, parents like Beth take the time to research summer camps, sports teams, and vacations that she plans for her children to participate in over the summer months.

“What makes it easier is knowing that they will not fall behind in their learning over the summertime,” she says.

Her son Drew is 11 years old, and Karlee is age 7. They both attend Scholars Education Centre each summer to ensure that they don’t experience summer learning loss.

Summer planning and preparation is a difficult undertaking for parents. It’s challenging to find activities that engage children and provide them with the tools needed for success in the next school year. Parents consistently cite summer as the most difficult time to ensure that their children are productive (Duffett et al., 2004).

“Scholars Education Centre provides our family individualized programming that is flexible around our busy schedules,” says Beth.

We know that summer learning is a key issue for Canadian parents. Over the past 100 years, multiple studies have shown that, in North America, summer learning loss is real. Students that don’t keep up with studies experience a ‘Summer Slide’ (White, 1995).

Over the summer break, students may lose two months of grade-level equivalency in math computation (Cooper, Nye, Charleton, & Greenhouse, 1996). Similarly, spelling skills are greatly affected and decay over time if they are not practiced (Cooper & Sweller, 1987; Geary, 1995).

Research suggests it is not just remedial students that should seek summer learning opportunities. Rather, all students, regardless of academic skills, will benefit from summer learning to prevent loss of their academic knowledge.

For many parents, a common dilemma is trying to prepare their children for the next grade without knowledge of what material will be learnt.

“I don’t have the time to research the school curriculum and find out what they will be learning,” states Beth. “Scholars Education Centre mirrors our local school board content and uses Ontario-certified teachers to work with my children. It just makes sense.”

Parents that focus on ensuring that their children receive quality summer learning should contact Scholars Education Centre today for a free, no-obligation assessment.