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Researchers and experts have long known that the summer break affects learning. It’s called, “summer learning loss” or “the summer slide,” and it means that your child could lose one to three months of learning over the summer months.

In other words: When summer break comes, you’ve invested 10 months of physical and mental energy in your child’s learning. The summer slide means that one or two, or even three, of those months could be wasted.

But summer doesn’t have to a bummer. For many students, summer could be an opportunity.

Time to catch up

For students who finished the school year behind, summer provides a great opportunity to catch up in time for the next school year. It’s much easier to catch up when others aren’t moving ahead.

Help with grade-level transition

Even beyond obvious transition years—grades 1, 4, 7, 9 and post-secondary—expectations on students increase every year. These yearly changes can come as a shock to even an advanced student in September. Summer tutoring sessions offer an opportunity to get ready for the next grade level. Tutors can provide the student a glimpse at what expectations will be like in the new school year.

Indulge a special interest

With the expectations and challenges of school behind them for two months, students may want to focus on something that interests them during the summer. Many of our Scholars locations offer STEM programs for the budding coder in your family. Contact your location to inquire today.

Parents who would like to ensure their children receive quality summer learning should contact Scholars Education Centre today for a free, no-obligation assessment.