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Sometimes, it’s hard to find the time for spring cleaning. And, after letting the mess accumulate for a period of time, the amount of work can feel overwhelming. But science gives a lot of good reasons to spring clean.

It seems to improve stress levels and sleep

Multiple studies have found a connection between clutter and anxiety and stress. Also, your mess might be keeping you up at night. Studies have shown that bedroom clutter can affect sleep.

It can make you more productive

Cluttered desks can make a person less efficient. While some studies suggest that messy desks help creativity, there’s a difference between some work-related mess and clutter, which is the accumulation of unnecessary items. One good reason to keep an at-least somewhat organized workspace is so you don’t waste a lot of time looking for lost items.

It teaches valuable skills

Organization skills—both in surroundings and school work—can help a child achieve success. If you make decluttering and cleaning a family affair, going through this process with parents can help children develop these skills.

And if your child could use extra help getting organized, Scholars offers Study Skills programs. To inquire about this program, and how to set up a free trial, contact your Scholars location.

Happy spring cleaning!