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Build the skills and confidence your child needs to reach their full potential in grade 7 science class.

Scholars’ grade 7 tutoring program provides the support your child needs to build critical thinking and problem solving skills as they tackle more advanced material and build on past lessons and concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space.

Why Choose Scholars for 7th Grade Science Help?

  • Our tutors and mentors are experienced in helping your child build the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to understand grade 7 science concepts.
  • Flexible tutoring options in low student-to-teacher ratios ensure your child gets the support they need.
  • Our tutors can work with your child’s classroom teacher to help your child prepare for tests and assignments.

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Key Concepts Covered in Grade 7 Science

In grade 6 science class, your child learned about the basics of biodiversity, electricity, flight and gravity, and our universe.

In grade 7 science, they will explore areas of:


This unit explores various interactions that occur in the environment.


This unit focuses on pure substances, and their associated elements and compounds.


This unit discusses the form and function of structures and mechanisms.

Earth and Space

This unit examines heat in the environment, including climate change and its impact.

Get Grade 7 Science Help Today.

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