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Scholars’ tutoring programs are designed to provide support so your child can excel in science class.

In grade 4, your child will build upon the skills and knowledge they learned last year by exploring new and exciting topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space. 

Scholar’s tutoring programs provide the necessary support so your child can tackle concepts in grade 4 science class with confidence.

Why Choose Scholars for 4th Grade Science Help?

  • Scholars’ team approach combines the experience of all of our tutors and mentors for proven teaching strategies and programs customized to your child’s needs.
  • The low student-to-teacher ratio ensures your child is getting the support they need to excel in grade 4 science class.
  • Our experienced tutors and mentors know how to help your child through common challenges of 4th grade science.

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Key Concepts Taught in Grade 4 Science

In grade 3, your child learned the basics of growth and changes in plants, structures and thermal energy, forces that cause movement, and soils in the environment.

In grade 4 science class, your child will explore areas of:


This unit explores habitats and communities.


This unit focuses on light and sound, and how temperature affects particle movement.


This unit discusses pulleys, gears, wheels, and levers.

Earth and Space

This unit examines rocks and minerals.

Start Excelling in Grade 4 Science Class.

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