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With Scholars’ grade 3 tutors, your child can reach their full potential in science class.

This year, your child will start learning new and exciting things! These new topics will build on the foundations taught last year in biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space. 

Scholars’ grade 3 tutoring program supports your child with the skills they need to learn key science concepts in the classroom.

Why Choose Scholars for 3rd Grade Science Help?

  • Our certified tutors and qualified mentors are experienced in providing support for 3rd grade science curriculum.
  • Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures your child gets the attention needed.
  • Our team of qualified tutors and mentors work together to build strategies and customize our programs for each student’s needs and learning style.

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Key Concepts Learned in Grade 3 Science

In grade 2 science class, your child learned the basics of the life cycles of animals, the properties of liquids and solids, the movement of objects, and water and air in our environment.

In grade 3, they’ll explore areas of:


This unit explores the life cycles of plants in an ecosystem.


This unit focuses on the properties of matter.


This unit discusses structures and thermal energy.

Earth and Space

This unit examines soils, and how local environments change as a result of wind, water, and ice.

Start Succeeding in Grade 3 Science!

Get started building your child’s skills to support their success in grade 3 science class.

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