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Support to build the skills your child needs to succeed in grade 1 science.

Scholars’ grade 1 tutoring programs help support students with components of their science curriculum. The grade 1 science curriculum covers four main topics: biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space. Scholars’ grade 1 tutoring programs ensure your child has the skills to learn key science concepts in the classroom

Our certified teachers and qualified mentors know students’ common struggles and are ready to give support to build the skills and confidence your child needs to succeed in grade 1 science.

Why Choose Scholars for Grade 1 Science Help?

  • Our tutors and mentors are experienced in supporting the 1st grade science curriculum.
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure your child is getting help with grade 1 science.
  • With your permission, our tutors can work with your child’s teacher to keep up with tests and assignments.

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Key Concepts Taught in Grade 1 Science


This unit explores the features and behaviours of animals and plants.


This unit focuses on how humans are able to use materials in our lives in different ways.


This unit discusses the ways that humans interact with materials and objects everyday.

Earth and Space

This unit examines daily and seasonal changes.

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Get your child on the path to success with grade 1 science support.

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