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Grade 7 Math Tutoring Services

In 6th grade, students were taught more about decimals and fractions and are introduced to percentages, how to measure angles, and how to convert units of measurement. In 7th grade, your child will expand on this knowledge, learning how to add and subtract fractions, calculate squares and square roots, and expand on their knowledge of lines and angles.

Our 7th-grade math tutors are ready to help your child understand new concepts and succeed this school year.

Why choose Scholars Education for grade 7 math tutoring?

Our qualified tutors understand the common difficulties students face when learning math and are prepared with solutions to help them overcome.

  • Our mathematics instructors work with your child in a low student-to-teacher ratio or one-on-one setting.
  • If requested, your child’s tutor can work with their classroom teacher to help them better prepare for tests, homework, and exams within the teacher’s syllabus.
  • Our team shares their knowledge and experience to create comprehensive tools and strategies to help your child work through the grade 7 math curriculum.

Key Concepts Learned In Grade 7

Numbers & Counting

Decimals, fractions, and integers are expanded on in grade 7 as well as the application of the order of operations.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Understanding and ordering decimals, fractions, and integers
  • Understanding and determining squares and square roots
  • Adding and subtracting fractions and integers
  • Using order of operations to solve equations


This year, capacity and volume are explored to understand their relationship and how to apply formulas for each topic.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Converting between metric units
  • Understanding and applying formulas to determine volume
  • Relating millilitres and cubic centimetres

Geometry, Spatial Sense & Patterns

Scaling and linear patterns are a key part of grade 7 patterning along with understanding and constructing different types of lines.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Constructing parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines
  • Describing and understanding scaling
  • Representing patterns using ordered pairs and graphs
  • Understanding and representing linear growth patterns

Representing Data

Exploring real-life applications of probability is a large part of the grade 7 curriculum, in addition to learning about relative frequency and how to read and display it.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Reading and displaying data in relative frequency tables and circle graphs
  • Investigating real applications of probability

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