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Grade 6 Math Tutoring Services

The 5th grade was spent practicing multiplication, decimals, fractions, and how to identify angles. This year, your child will work more with decimals and be introduced to percentages, converting measurement units, and how to use protractors to measure angles. Our 6th-grade math tutors are ready to help your child understand new concepts and succeed this school year.

Get the grade 6 math help your child needs to build confidence and achieve results that matter with Scholars Education Centres.

Why choose Scholars Education for grade 6 math tutoring?

Our experienced tutors know the common struggles students face in the 6th grade and are prepared with solutions to help your child succeed.

  • Our tutoring programs are tailored to your child’s unique needs, whether it’s in a small group or one-on-one setting.
  • Your child’s tutor is available to work with their classroom teacher and syllabus to help them better prepare for tests, homework, and exams.
  • Our team of tutors work together to build the best strategies and learning tools to help your child work through the curriculum successfully.

Key Concepts Learned In Grade 6

Numbers & Counting

Percentages are introduced and explored in the 6th grade, along with the order of operations for equations.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Understanding and using place values to thousandths
  • Adding and subtracting decimals
  • Estimating 10%, 25%, 50%, and 75% of a number
  • Order of operations when solving equations


Your child will explore how to convert between different units of measurement as well as the relationships between units and square units.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Converting metric measurements to smaller units
  • Relating square metres to square centimetres
  • Understanding areas and relating them to 3D shapes

Geometry, Spatial Sense & Patterns

Variables and changing quantities are explored in algebra this year, including how to display and use them in an equation.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Measuring angles to 180 degrees using a protractor
  • Describing rotations
  • Representing patterns using ordered pairs and graphs
  • Understanding concept of changing quantities in equations

Representing Data

A key part of this topic in the 6th grade is determining which graph to use to represent different types of data, as well as learning theoretical probability.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Reading and displaying data using line graphs
  • How to choose correct graph to display different data
  • Understanding the concept of theoretical probability

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