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Grade 5 Math Tutoring Services

Last year, your child explored angles, decimals, and the basics of algebra. In grade 5, students are introduced to more complex concepts including multiplication, decimals and fractions, and angles. Our 5th grade math tutors are ready to help your child understand these new concepts and succeed this school year.

Set your child up for success in with grade 5 math help from Scholars Education Centres.

Why choose Scholars Education for grade 5 math tutoring?

Our qualified and experienced tutors understand common math difficulties students face and teach the concepts and problem-solving skills needed to overcome them.

  • Scholars’ math instructors work closely with your child to give them the attention they need to succeed.
  • With permission, your child’s tutor will work with their classroom teacher to align with their syllabus and prepare your child for upcoming tests and assignments.
  • Our team of tutors work together to form the best strategies and teaching tools to help your child work through the curriculum successfully.

Key Concepts Learned In Grade 5

Numbers & Counting

Grade 5 math curriculum will cover larger numbers and decimals.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Representing and ordering numbers up to 100,000
  • Understanding and representing money up to $1000
  • Multiplying and dividing numbers by one-digit numbers
  • Multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers
  • Relating fractions to decimals


In the 5th grade, your child will dive deeper into the relationship between capacity and volume, while continuing to learn to measure temperature units.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Measuring length using millimetres
  • Measuring time to the nearest second
  • Measuring temperature in celsius
  • Understanding and relating capacity to volume

Geometry, Spatial Sense & Patterns

Angles are a large focus in grade 5 to build off previous years’ lessons.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Identifying acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles
  • Locating objects using North, East, South, and West
  • Investigating and determining unknown quantities

Representing Data

In 5th grade, your child will learn how to use samples of data and display the results.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Reading and displaying data using broken line graphs
  • Understanding data sampling from a population
  • Using fractions to display probability

Start Building A Strong Foundation In Math Today!

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