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Grade 4 Math Tutoring Services

Last year your child learned more about measurement and began practicing multiplication. This year, decimals are introduced as well as basic algebra. Your child will also learn more about angles as a property of shapes.

Our 4th grade math tutors are ready to help your child understand new concepts and succeed this school year. Get started with our highly-trained and experienced tutors today!

Why choose Scholars Education for grade 4 math tutoring?

We understand common barriers grade 4 students face in math class. Our experienced tutors teach your child the concepts, skills, and confidence needed to achieve success in grade 4 math.

  • Our instructors work with your child to give them the attention they need to succeed at math.
  • If requested, your child’s tutor can work with their classroom teacher to help them better prepare for tests, homework, and exams within the teacher’s syllabus.
  • Scholars’ instructors work together to provide different tools and strategies to help your child work through the grade 4 curriculum.

Key Concepts Learned In Grade 4

Numbers & Counting

Multiplying and dividing will become more complex this year. The concept of parts of a whole are also explored.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Representing and ordering numbers up to 10,000
  • Understanding and representing money up to $100
  • Multiplying and dividing numbers by one-digit numbers
  • Adding and subtraction three-digit numbers
  • Understanding and relating halves, fifths, and tenths to decimals


4th grade continues to build on measurement by learning to use new units. Mass and capacity are more thoroughly covered.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Measuring length using millimetres
  • Measuring time to the nearest minute
  • Measuring mass in grams and capacity in millilitres
  • Determining areas and perimeter of rectangles
  • Relating years to decades and centuries

Geometry, Spatial Sense & Patterns

Angles and other geometric properties are explored, as well as more complex ways to find missing values in equations.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Geometric properties of parallelograms
  • Understanding right angles, straight angles, and half right angles
  • Finding missing values in an equation using multiplication

Representing Data

Displaying, describing, and comparing data is a crucial part of the grade 4 math curriculum.

Some of the things your child will learn:

  • Reading and displaying data using double bar graphs and stem-and-leaf plots
  • Understanding and determining median
  • Comparing and describing two sets of data

Start Building a Strong Foundation In Math Today!

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