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Grade 1 Math Tutoring Services

In preschool and kindergarten, your child has grasped the basics of counting up to ten and sorting objects and shapes. In grade 1, students are expected to continue to apply this knowledge using higher numbers and learn the basics of measurement. New concepts are introduced in this grade, building on the foundations previously learned.

Our 1st grade math tutors are ready to help your child build a strong foundation to achieve success this school year and beyond.

Why choose Scholars Education for grade 1 math tutoring?

Our qualified and experienced tutors understand common difficulties students face when learning grade 1 math and are prepared with solutions.

  • Our highly-trained mathematics tutors work with your child in a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • With permission, your child’s assigned tutor can work with their classroom teacher to better prepare for tests, homework, and exams within the teacher’s syllabus.
  • Scholars tutors share experiences and knowledge to create strategies and tools to help your child succeed.

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Key Concepts Learned in Grade 1

Numbers and Counting

Understanding and representing larger and more complex numbers are a key part of the 1st grade curriculum.

Some of the concepts your child will learn:

  • Representing, comparing, estimating, and ordering whole numbers
  • Counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Identifying, describing, and representing various coins
  • Addition and subtraction of single-digit whole numbers
  • Counting forwards beyond 10


Grade 1 is an introduction to the concept of measurement and understanding the relationship between the size of a unit and the size of an object.

Some of the concepts your child will learn:

  • Estimating, measuring, and describing measurement concepts like length, height, area, capacity, and the passage of time using non-standard units
  • Comparing objects according to measurable attributes.
  • Understanding the months on a calendar and the temperature experiences of the seasons
  • Reading clocks and telling time to the nearest half hour.

Geometry and Spatial Sense

In grade 1, concepts involving geometry and spatial sense are expanded on.

Some of the concepts your child will learn:

  • Identifying and classifying 2D and 3D shapes
  • Identifying and understanding the basics of symmetry
  • Describing location and learning positional language

Representing Data

In grade 1, your child will learn how to gather and display data.

Some of the concepts your child will learn:

  • Organizing objects into categories
  • Collecting and organizing data
  • Displaying data using simple graphs and pictographs
  • Understanding basic probability

Algebra and Patterns

In grade 1, students continue to explore patterns and are introduced to some beginner algebra concepts.

Some of the concepts your child will learn:

  • Identifying, describing, extending, and creating repeating patterns
  • Demonstrating an understanding of greater than, less than, and equal to

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