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The May long weekend is the unofficial start to summer in Canada. People across the country give this weekend affectionate nicknames like, “May two-four,” or “May long.” It is, arguably, the most-anticipated long weekend of the year.

You may know that Victoria Day marks the birthday of Queen Victoria, who was reigning Monarch from 1837 to 1901, but other than that, how much do you know about this national holiday? This article contains 24 facts about May two-four. Here are some highlights:

The date changed – Victoria Day was always celebrated on May 24 until 1952, when the legislature decided it would be celebrated the Monday on or before May 24.

182 people died on Victoria Day on a ship named, “Victoria” – A ship with 600 passengers overturned in the Thames River near London, Ontario, in 1881.

Women won the right to vote on Victoria Day – Canadian-born women over the age of 21 could officially vote as of May 24, 1916.

It’s not a holiday everywhere – Though Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador recognize Victoria Day, they don’t consider it an official paid public holiday.

Whether you’re having a picnic, going camping, working in the garden or relaxing at home, Scholars wishes everyone a relaxing holiday. May two-four is also a marker of about a month left in the school year, contact us to discuss exam prep or tutoring help for end of the year projects.