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At Scholars, we think ideas are a wonderful thing to celebrate! Ideas spur innovation, and are the basis of all art, science and academic theory.

But, for a child, sharing ideas is not always easy. Sometimes it feels easier to not say or do anything at all. Sharing ideas, though, is an important building block for success—academically and, eventually, professionally.

Do you want to encourage your children to share their thoughts and ideas? It could be a matter of building confidence. There are many ways to build confidence, such as the following:

Get creative – The creative arts are great for unlocking the inspiration that makes the ideas flow. Drama classes are wonderful, not just for the creative aspect, but also for the practice performing in front of others.

Teach the concept of brainstorming – There’s no such thing as a bad idea. Young people may not yet be aware of the concept of brainstorming, or putting ideas out for discussion, no matter how thought-out or realistic. You can try a brainstorming game like this one to get the creative juices flowing.

Try some word exercises – We can’t all be Hemingway, but most of us can enjoy the creative process of writing or word exercises. Google “fun writing exercises for kids” to find a huge selection of activities. For the reluctant writer, Mad Libs can be a great way to have fun, learn and get creative without being overwhelmed with writing.

Enlist some help – At Scholars, we’ve seen how improving academic performance can often change a child from one who’s afraid to express their ideas, to one who feels confident and engaged. If your child’s confidence could use an extra boost, visit our location page to find a tutor near you today.