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Parents and kids alike may feel uncertain about what the fall is going to bring. A whole new grade level means new friends, a new teacher, new activities and new challenges. In some cases, a new year may even mean a new school. While these changes are exciting, they can also feel overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you ease into the year ahead.

Get back into school-year sleeping patterns

If your family stays up longer and sleeps in later throughout the summer, now might be a good time to start adjusting sleep schedules. It doesn’t have to be abrupt though—pushing bedtime ahead five to 10 minutes each night, depending on how off-schedule you are, means you’ll be back to regular bedtime by the time school starts.

Calm first-day jitters

Your child may be experiencing some first-day anxieties, especially if starting a new school, or moving from elementary to middle or high school. Sometimes it helps for kids to know what the routine will be, and to be fully prepared. This article provides a lot of good information about planning for the first day. You could also consider a shopping trip to get a first-day outfit that makes your child feel confident.  

Make a morning checklist

Mornings can feel like the most hectic part of the day. Want to encourage your children to get ready independently and (relatively) quickly? Make a morning checklist they can hang on their wall, as a way to encourage them to go through the routine independently. If you want to take it further, you could consider also include a reward chart, and make a small treat available after a full week of successful mornings. 

Build your schedule

Do you have swimming lessons to book? Sports teams to sign up for? Maybe your child’s birthday party is coming up in the fall? Have you booked your fall tutoring sessions yet? Making your family’s fall schedule now may help you and your family feel more prepared for the coming weeks.

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Kirk Langford


August 27, 2019