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There’s a lot of good advice about goal-setting out there. Make your goal specific, and make sure you can measure your progress. Your goal should be achievable and realistic. Give yourself a timeline.

But, while a well-planned goal will get you far, there may be another element to success. According to a study conducted at the Dominican University of California, people who shared their progress with at least one other person were more successful in achieving their goal.

The participants in the study were split into five groups, and each group took their goal progressively more seriously:

  • group one only assessed their goals;
  • group two assessed and rated their goals;
  • group three assessed, rated, and made an action plan for their goals;
  • group four assessed, rated, made an action plan, and told a friend; and
  • group five assessed, rated, made an action plan, and told a friend, and made a weekly progress report to that friend.

The results were clear: 43% of group one participants reached their goals or were at least halfway there, while 76% of group five participants had reached their goals or were at least halfway there.

In the study, accountability for goals seemed to make a big difference. The Scholars Education Centre approach is not just about setting goals and making a plan, but also monitoring and sharing the student’s progress. We start every student with an assessment, and create a strategy for reaching the goals identified in the assessment. And then, after every session, we monitor the progress of the goals. We share successes with families, and can even communicate with the classroom teacher, if desired. This approach leads to real life results.

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Kirk Langford


January 1, 2019