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Congratulations to everyone on another school year! Most students will have their report card by now and have a good idea of their strengths and areas of improvement. Here’s how Scholars Education Centre can help at every grade level.

A report card with Ds  
If your child is averaging a D in school subjects, he or she would benefit greatly from spending time with a tutor this summer to catch up to grade level. It’s much easier for these students to catch up when all their peers are not moving ahead at the same time. This student likely needs extra help to get ready for September, when a new grade level brings new challenges. 

A report card with Cs
Students with a C average often need just a light push—the type of push tutoring can provide—to get to a B, which is grade level. This student often benefits from the smaller groups at Scholars’ tutoring sessions, where they have more personalized attention.

A report card with Bs 
A B student is often an under-stimulated A student. Tutoring at Scholars can give the extra challenge and push these students to get ahead of the material.

A report card with As
It’s a common misconception that the A student would find no benefits in tutoring. After all, they’re already ahead, right? At Scholars, we’ve helped many A students maintain those grades. By introducing them to the concepts they’ll be studying weeks or months from now, we can help the A student continue to master any challenge. 

The good student with a weak spot
Maybe your child does well in several subjects but has a few areas that are not strong. Maybe your excellent reader and writer struggles in math and science. Or your math whiz just can’t grasp French. Or your all-together good student struggles with organization. Whatever the issue, Scholars offers tutoring in every subject and can help your child excel in problem areas.

Find a tutor near you today. Scholars has 25 locations across Ontario and one in Peace River, Alberta. New to Scholars? 👉 Book a free trial.