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In Ontario, third and sixth graders will be writing their EQAO tests over the next couple of weeks. With all the focus on these tests throughout the school year, it’s only natural that students feel nervous at EQAO time.

The good news is that recent studies show that everyday stress is not necessarily harmful to children. But, as parents, we can help make sure kids feel healthy stress and not overwhelming anxiety.

Remind them of the bigger picture – Remind your children that, while it’s important they try their best, the EQAO’s purpose is to evaluate how well kids are being taught, not to judge any individual child’s performance.

Sleep and food will go a long way – A full night of rest and a healthy breakfast are important everyday, but especially on stressful days. Challenges can seem more manageable when these basic needs are well-met.

Do something fun when their tests end – Students have been through a whole year of preparing. When they finish the test, why not treat them to a special outing somewhere? Knowing something fun awaits can help motivate children on their test days.

Prepare for the future – While the EQAO is not intended to be a measure of individual children’s academic performance, it can be a good litmus test. For third graders it’s often the first real test they take, and for sixth graders, it’s a way to see how they’ll handle the accelerated workload of seventh grade. If you have an anxious tester, Scholars can help them work through their stress. Contact us today.

If your child feels nervous about EQAO and is coming in for tutoring before their test, let their tutor know. Good luck to those writing the test!