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Learning well coincides with eating well! When preparing food during the school year, keep it simple! There are many ways to keep school lunches fresh, healthy, and interesting. The benefits of having a balanced diet while learning and digesting new information are invaluable!

Now that the summer break is over, it’s important to ensure that your child is on a regular sleep schedule. School-aged children are recommended to sleep for 9 – 11 hours each night! A good night’s rest provides your child with the energy they need to breeze through the school day.

The steps have been taken to get to school and it is time for your child to take it all in. At school, children learn from their teachers and from each other. Learning something new every day is a blessing, but can also be demanding. If your child is in need of assistance or is simply looking for a new challenge, then Scholars Education Centre is the place to be! Already a member of the Scholars family? Refer one of your friends to your Centre for a free session for you and a free assessment for them!

The day is done and it is time to do it all over again! Maintaining a healthy school schedule will lead any family down a path to success.


Kirk Langford


September 12, 2018