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When the school year ends and the long-awaited summer break begins, it can be easy for a child to shift into vacation mode and forget about their studies. However, ensuring students keep their school skills sharp during the break is more crucial than ever. The summer months present a unique opportunity to strengthen areas of weakness, cultivate a love for learning, and prevent the notorious “summer slide.”

By establishing a summer routine with engaging and educational activities, students can maintain academic momentum, build confidence, and enter the new school year prepared and eager to excel. Here are some ways to keep your child sharp over the summer, which will help set them up for success in the coming year and beyond.

  1. Set Reading Goals: Personal reading goals can be a fun way to keep your child reading over the summer. Allowing them to choose their books at the library or bookstore can be a fun experience, and challenging them to read a certain number of books during the break can motivate them. You could offer a small reward for every book they complete. Reading consistently can improve vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.
  2. Journaling: Maintaining a daily or weekly journal about their summer experiences will help your child improve their writing skills and keep their creativity flowing. Aside from keeping skills sharp, journaling encourages children to analyze and observe their thoughts and emotions, leading to greater self-understanding.
  3. Science Experiments: Why not embark on some thrilling science adventures at home using everyday items? This hands-on approach transforms learning about scientific concepts into a fun and exhilarating experience, sparking your child’s interest in science at school. It also provides a perfect opportunity for some quality family time! Check out these exciting at-home science experiments to get started.
  4. Field Trips and Museums: Visiting museums, historical sites, zoos, or planetariums is a fun and exciting way for a child to learn new things over the summer. These outings not only provide enjoyable educational experiences but can also be a wonderful way to spend a day as a family or with friends. They can also lead to discovering new passions or hobbies as the child is exposed to a wide array of new subjects, exhibits, and information.
  5. Educational Apps, Puzzles, and Games: Explore a world of educational apps and games focusing on math, science, art, and other subjects. These can be a fantastic way to keep your child’s school skills sharp over the summer. Consider having family board game nights, working on challenging puzzles, or building intricate LEGO. These activities provide fun bonding experiences and exercise your child’s brain. For digital learning, try out educational apps such as Fact Monster or Coolmath Games that allow your child to use their phone or iPad to learn. These interactive games and tools make learning engaging and enjoyable, ensuring your child stays academically active even during the summer break.

BONUS: Summer Tutoring: Summer tutoring can be a powerful tool that helps students maintain and enhance their academic skills during the break. Not only does tutoring combat learning loss, but it also creates a deeper understanding of subjects, builds confidence, and allows students to get personalized attention in a stress-free environment. By investing in summer tutoring, parents ensure their children are well-prepared and motivated for the challenges and opportunities that await them in the new school year.

Overall, keeping your child’s school skills sharp over the summer is essential for maintaining academic progress, developing critical life skills, and creating a positive attitude toward learning. Students can enjoy a balanced summer that combines fun with valuable learning experiences by making time for educational activities.


The Scholars Team


June 10, 2024