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Winter can feel like it goes on forever, but we are now just about a month away from spring! Once the snow melts, the opportunity to enjoy winter activities disappears too, so why not use this Family Day holiday to enjoy some fun, immersive winter activities?

  • Visit a park for winter activities – Skating, tobogganing and cross country skiing are just of the activities that may be offered in municipal, provincial or national parks.
  • Go on a winter hike – Tackle an easy trail with smaller children, or a longer, woodsier route with older kids. The Hike Canada website has links to information about trails in most provinces.
  • Visit a festival or Family Day event – Your local paper or local websites can be a great resource to find events near you. Many cultural events, performances and festivals are scheduled for the weekend.
  • Get active, indoors – Is spending time outdoors in the cold just not your scene? Indoor playgrounds, climbing gyms, bowling alleys or indoor skating rinks might be the perfect place for your family to enjoy some physical activity while staying warm.

Family Day is a well-timed break; a chance to relax at the halfway point of the school year. There’s still plenty of time to work with a tutor to catch up, keep up or get ahead. Find a tutor near you.


Kirk Langford


February 18, 2019