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By now, most public school students have received their first report card of the year. Parents often think that a decent or good report card is a sign that a student doesn’t need tutoring. Maybe you like the idea of tutoring, but you don’t think you can justify it since your child doesn’t seem to be struggling enough.

Well, guess what? Tutoring is for everyone. Students fall into three groups, the Catch Ups, the Keep Ups, and the Get Aheads. Let’s talk about how tutoring benefits each group.

  • The Catch Ups – The benefits of tutoring to this group are perhaps the most obvious of the three. Having a subject matter expert at a student’s disposal to deliver tailored lessons is a huge boost for this group. And the help has a big pay-off: average grade level increases of 1.59 in reading, 2.08 in math, and 3.16 in writing after 40 hours of tutoring. The reasons for a student falling behind are not always obvious. Sometimes the student is struggling to understand the material, and other times they need to feel more  confident. Sometimes, they just need that extra push of support. Whatever the case with your child, tutoring will help.
  • The Keep Ups – Your child has average achievement, but you can see that he or she has to work hard to get there. It can be stressful for your family, and homework time can be a real struggle. This is where a tutor comes in. By letting the tutor take the lead on academic support, family time can be focused on fun and bonding, and your child can be sure to stay on top of the material.
  • The Get Aheads – Your child is right where he or she should be on everything. So why would you get a tutor for your child? Our answer is, why not? Tutoring can give your child extra confidence in the material. That way, if a concept that is more difficult for your child comes up in the classroom, he or she will be well-prepared for it. Also, students who are in this group often welcome an extra challenge to stay motivated and avoid boredom.

All students are capable of great things. Browse our locations and contact us to find out how we tailor our tutoring services to your child’s needs.


Kirk Langford


February 11, 2019