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Parents and teachers are busy getting ready for the back-to-school season but classes are going to be different for students this year. Parents can choose to send their children to school, continue with in-home learning, or both.

As of now, schools are planning to reopen this fall but there are many COVID-19 protocols that will change what classroom learning looks like.

What Parents Can Expect In Schools

There are many uncertainties around sending students back-to-school this year, including how to make sure children are able to learn in a safe and effective environment. School plans will vary based on where you live and your child’s grade, but there are changes most parents can prepare their child for. These may include:

  • Voluntary in-class attendance
  • Physical distancing in schools
  • Increased hand-washing protocols
  • Daily screenings for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Mandatory face coverings for most students
  • Restrictions for activities such as music and recess

Read on for tips to help make your child’s school year successful, whether they are learning from the classroom, at home, or a bit of both.

How To Continue Learning At Home

Set Up A Study Area For Your Child

Your back-to-school shopping list this year might need to include supplies for an at-home study area for your child. Have your child pick items to make the study space their own, such as colourful notebooks or accessories for their desk. This area will be a place they spend a lot of time so let them create a personalized spot for their at-home learning.

Create A Learning Schedule

Children thrive from a structured routine. Rather than approaching at-home learning as an extension of summer vacation, set up a learning schedule for your child. Much like their in-class schedule, set times to start lessons, take breaks, and end your child’s at-home school day.

Create an at-home checklist to keep your child accountable for their to-do list and keep any at-home learning on track. Making scheduled appointments with a tutor can also help keep your child on track with their studies and motivated to complete school work.

Add In Time For Social Learning

Many children miss seeing their friends and might feel upset about more time away from their classmates while learning at home. Be sure to create time for your child to engage with others to prevent them from feeling isolated this school year.

To help keep your child in touch with others, consider setting up virtual homework groups with classmates or match your child with an online tutor. These touchpoints can be daily, weekly, or as often as needed to keep your child socially stimulated.

Scholars Back-To-School Tutoring Programs Can Help

Our back-to-school programs provide the support you and your child need to make this school year a successful one, whether children are learning from the classroom, from home, or a combination of both. Sign up for back-to-school tutoring today! Find a location.

How To Prepare Your Child To Head Back To The Classroom

Practice Health & Safety Measures

Talk to your child so they know what to expect as they head back to the classroom. If your child knows they will be wearing a face mask or getting their temperature checked at school ahead of time, they’re more likely to return to class confidently.

To make safety measures more fun, try sharing that wearing a face mask gives your child superpowers or singing 20-second songs during hand-washing. By adding play into these safety measures, you will encourage participation from your child while also teaching how to protect themself at school.

Talk Openly With Your Child

While your child may be excited about seeing classmates and their favourite teachers again, they may also feel anxious about returning to school. Talk with your child to understand what they are looking forward to and what they may be nervous about this back-to-school season. Listen closely to your child and be careful not to dismiss their fears. The pandemic has been confusing for many people and children are no exception. Provide them with the opportunity to share their feelings freely.

Reintroduce School Subjects

Many children will be returning to class full-time and near-normal school routines. After extended school closures, this may cause more back-to-school jitters about getting back into the classroom and regular study habits. Start bringing light learning activities into your child’s daily routine to refresh their mind and brush up on concepts they haven’t used in a while. Find opportunities to reintroduce your child to subjects like math, reading, writing, and science to support a smooth transition back to school.

Get Extra Help This School Year

As of now, schools are re-opening this fall with many elementary students returning to class full-time and high school students likely experiencing class cohorts. No matter your child’s grade or where you live, parents still have the option to register their child for remote or at-home learning this school year.

Scholars Education offers full-day and half-day school support programs that will develop your child in all areas of the curriculum from grades K-12. Our flexible schedules and world-class programs will ensure students are safe and stay engaged in their education to deliver results that matter. Find a tutor near you to book a free assessment to see if Scholars is right for you!


Dr. Danielle, PhD


August 17, 2020