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When it comes to heading back to school, preparation and organization are both key factors in ensuring a successful return to class. Being properly organized leads to better student grades, reduces stress, and increases confidence. In this article, we will provide some tips that parents and students can use to prepare for the school year and help remove the anxiety and pressure from the back-to-school preparations.

  1. Establish a School-Day Routine
    Daily routines are proven to reduce stress and increase productivity. As summer winds down, begin waking your kids up at their typical morning wake-up time and have them eat a healthy breakfast. Once school starts, you can have them choose their school outfits the night before so there is no “what to wear?” stress in the morning. Scheduling a daily homework and study time routine can also help them establish a rhythm and get on a consistent roll once school begins.
  2. Discover Your Child’s Learning Style
    Every child learns differently. There are seven learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic (physical), verbal, logical, social, and solitary. Discovering how your child best absorbs and retains knowledge can go a long way in helping them succeed in the classroom and their studies at home. An online quiz such as this can help you to establish a child’s learning style. Once you know how they learn most effectively, their teachers can adapt to their style and help them to make the most out of each lesson.
  3. Encourage New Hobbies
    Often, children will develop new interests and passions over the summer. Whether sports, books, arts, writing, or something else, encouraging them to explore their passions and be active with their hobbies can make their school year more enjoyable. It can also be an excellent opportunity to boost their curiosity levels and create excitement around learning.
  4. Make a Calendar
    Setting up a calendar to start the year will help your child establish a sense of organization they can carry through the year. Getting into the routine of writing down upcoming tests and assignments along with holidays, special occasions, and other notable events can allow your child to always have an idea of what’s upcoming and schedule their work and study time accordingly. It will also allow the whole family to stay in the loop of what is going on during the year so that they can help with the organization and be supportive.
  5. Go School Shopping
    One of the most fun things for kids when it comes to returning to school is picking out new supplies and clothes for the year. Choosing their new backpacks, books, pens, and binders can make them feel more involved in the back-to-school process. Kids are generally nervous during this time, so allowing them to choose some cool new school items can add to their feelings of excitement and preparedness.

These tips will help you get ahead of the game when preparing for the new school year! Remember to stay organized and positive during this time; hopefully, those feelings will carry on through the year!


The Scholars Team


August 8, 2023