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When it comes to culture and education, Canadians are spoiled for choice. Canada houses some of the best museums in the world. If you’re looking for a day of summer fun, but also a chance to learn something, a museum might be just the place. 

While most museums generally appeal to people of all ages, and many have child-focussed exhibits, there are some museums that are specialized for children. If you’re lucky enough to live close to one of these kid-pleasing museums, why not spend a day exploring and playing in some of Canada’s most creative spaces?

  • Science World British Columbia – Vancouver
    Science museums, with their many interactive exhibits, are usually a big hit with kids. This museum in Vancouver is no exception, and it will keep your kid’s hands and brains busy for hours. And they’ll love the super cool geodesic dome the museum is housed in.
  • Creative Kids Museum – Calgary
    Don’t miss Canada’s first interactive museum that’s dedicated to the visual arts. This play-focused museum, which is a part of the TELUS Spark museum, is all about letting the creative juices flow. This one is best for kids under nine.
  • Nutrien Wonderhub – Saskatoon
    This newly-opened museum focuses on exploration and play. It includes creative play spaces like a miniature town and a simulated forest and inspires little ones to get lost in imaginative play.
  • Manitoba’s Children’s Museum – Winnipeg
    Kids will love this interesting looking building and its many interactive exhibits inside. In the museum, they’ll find an actual train, Illusion Tunnel, a water play space and a section for toddlers.
  • Ontario Science Centre – Toronto
    Kids and adults will enjoy the numerous science exhibits at this large science museum. The KidsSpark program includes activities and spaces inside the centre that children will love. The centre also has an IMAX screen and screens science and nature films.
    Canadian Children’s Museum at the Canadian Museum of History – Gatineau, Quebec
    Located inside the Canadian Museum of History, the theme of this museum is adventuring. Kids can travel the world, all in one place!
  • Discovery Centre – Halifax
    This centre boasts Canada’s first immersive Dome Theater, along with a host of exhibits for exploration and discovery. The kids’ section features a number of imaginative exhibits.
  • Chocolate Museum – New Brunswick
    What kid doesn’t love chocolate? At this museum, you can learn how chocolate is made, learn about its history and also get a taste. 

This list includes just a few museums in Canada that will provide an entertaining and educational experience for your family. While we think that tutoring sessions are an excellent way to learn, so is getting out and experiencing the culture! Happy discovering.