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Scholars Education now offer flexible online tutoring options to keep your child on track.

With school closed, it's important to keep your child learning. 

Top rated tutoring service across Canada

Pricing and learning programs catered to students and families individual needs

Scholars students see massive grade level increases — and we can prove it.

The numbers below are the recorded average grade level improvements of Scholars students after 40 hours of tutoring:

Grade Level Increase in Reading


Grade Level Increase in Math


Grade Level Increase in Writing


Why choose Scholars for online tutoring?

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Our online tutoring platform completely re-creates the learning experience in our centre, right down to the face-to-face interaction with your Scholars teacher. 

Students get on-demand, individual instruction and support from expert online teachers across a wide variety of subjects

 All Subjects From 



No Special Software Required

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The Scholars Approach

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We start with a free one-hour session at our Centre. The session reviews your child's academic skills and identifies their strengths and weaknesses.


If you decide to enroll, we create a program specifically for the student. We then partner students with a certified teacher best suited to your student feelings and learning needs.


After every class we review our student's program to ensure your child is on par with their goals. 

Every twelve classes we share a report to review student progress together to make sure both your student and family are happy with Scholars.

If desired, we also communicate with your child's classroom teacher.

Results That Matter

After forty classes we re-test our students to measure their growth toward their customized program. At this level, Scholars students significantly improve both grades and confidence- from here, the sky is the limit!





Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Scholars charges an hourly rate, so you pay per class. There's no blocks or packages, you only pay for the classes that are attended. As far as hourly rate- this varies from Centre to Centre. Just ask!


We work with your schedule to find a time that works best for your family and recommend sessions twice a week for improvement.


What's the schedule look like and how often are classes?

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